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Balding and Punching, John Mayer’s Jewelry and the Old King of Arm Wrestling

Last week, it wasn’t cool to go bald. This week: Is balding actually cool?

Yes, says the BBC:

The fact that it’s inherited is crucial… Most of these “sexually dimorphic” features also have something else in common. “They are usually associated with dominance and more reproductive opportunities,” says Muscarella. In other words, baldness might be the human equivalent of a male peacock’s ornate, brightly coloured tail. It might have evolved because it is attractive to women.

Nice. Also, science:

While the bald and balding men were not considered as physically attractive as the other men, one category of scores was far higher. The men were consistently rated as more intelligent, influential, knowledgeable, well-educated, high social status, honest and helpful — traits collectively known as social maturity.

Nice. Also, this very rude photo and caption:

What other parts of the male physique are cool? How about a punchable stomach?

For the past 16 years, Xie, 49, has been making serious money charging people all over China to punch his stomach as hard as they can, claiming that he feels no pain there. “Some people are just curious and want to make friends with me through punching,” he says, pulling his shirt back down over his gut. “Others want to challenge me.”

Or a very strong arm?

Plenty of great arm wrestlers, known as pullers, have dominated the sport at various times throughout the years, but what sets Devio apart is his longevity. No other puller has been as competitive as Devio has for so long. At an age when other top arm wrestlers have long since retired, Devio can enter a tournament anywhere and still be a top competitor.

Or maybe a pulse that can predict the stock market?

And among the traders, more accurate heartbeat awareness was correlated with profitability. That is, the better a trader was at sensing his own heart rate, the more successful he was at high-frequency trading.

When all body parts fail (pre-death, of course), there’s always cultivating a friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “getting Fruved” (ask a teen!) and turning to Reddit for “a better way” to discuss men’s rights.

Can we also discuss this video of a guy doing pitch-perfect car noises?

Vroom vroom — if there are men out there with such talent, maybe I should reconsider marrying my community? What I’m saying is that #NotAllMen (either bald or with a full head of gorgeous hair) should be thrown to the dogs. Hell, this one’s even fixing the female orgasm:

The non-surgical treatment that aims to facilitate and improve orgasms in women, which Runels trademarked in 2011, can only be performed by him or one of the more than 500 certified practitioners he’s trained over the years. It has two steps: first, he extracts PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, from a woman’s blood (usually taken from her arm). He then re-inserts it into the clitoris and the ceiling of her vagina with a syringe. The infusion of white blood cells, according to Runels, increases lubrication and sensitivity, allowing the patient to reach climax easily.

And John Mayer is launching a jewelry line:


For those who either share initials with John Mayer (the “C” stands for Clayton, FYI) or who wish to wear John Mayer’s initials on their wrists — no difference, clearly.

Just don’t ask John Mayer:

Guess our bodies are no longer a wonderland.