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Man Links

Now that Election Day has come and gone, many men have gone back to their regular manly ways. Not all men, mind you, but the world continues to spin and men continue to do the things that make them men.

As always, it’s our duty to go over what these men did this week, so let’s begin.

Tony Bennett met his now-wife… in utero!

According to the book (out Tuesday) Benedetto’s parents, Marion and Dayl Crow, were dedicated Bennett fans. In 1966, they attended one of his shows in New York City. The Crows went backstage to pose for a picture with the twinkly-eyed, Italian-American vocalist.

“As fate would have it, Marion was pregnant at the time with … Susan!” writes Bennett. “It’s a photo we all laugh about, knowing the incredible turn of events that followed.”

Sweden started a “mansplaining hotline”… for awareness!

The hotline, which is temporary and open to men and women, was set up by Unionen, a trade union that represents about 600,000 private-sector employees in Sweden and describes itself as the largest white-collar union in the world.

Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. every day this week, members are being encouraged to phone the hotline to talk about mansplaining in their working lives. The calls will be answered by 20 men and women, who are gender experts, authors, academics and others.

Someone shot an entire short film… on a drone!

Turns out garlic… makes you smell better to women!

The researchers split a group of men into groups that were told to eat either raw garlic, garlic capsules, or no garlic. Then they had these men wear armpit pads for 12 hours to collect their musk, in what must have been a weird thing for those men to explain to the people in their lives. (“Yeah, it’s for a study. You see, I had to eat a bunch of raw garlic… Wait, where are you going?”) Those pads were then collected and a bunch of women smelled them (and probably re-examined their lives while they did) and rated them on how good they smelled. The garlic eaters had “more attractive and less intense” body odor.

Miles Teller is… maybe not actually a dick in real life!

He trails off. It seems that Teller, a naturally charismatic person whose in-person sarcasm doesn’t always translate in print, prides himself on being authentic no matter the consequence. And even though he has the relaxed nature of the most popular guy in the senior class, the incident has loomed large enough to make him question whether his own authenticity — a rare commodity among celebrities in today’s tightly publicist-guarded climate — is worth the risk of being mistaken for, well, “a dick.” Today at least, Teller’s general amiability still wins out.

Studies show that stereotyping… is bad!

The data also showed people assume technology related language was the sign of a male writer. In this study, “it’s true: men DO post about technology more than women,” says Carpenter, “However, this stereotype strongly led to false conclusions: almost every woman who posted about technology was inaccurately believed to be a man.”

One man owns $150 million dollars’ worth… of Hot Wheels!

If you teach prisoners to act… they are less likely to reoffend!

…Yet, despite the haters, the Prison Project celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and will expand to 10 California prisons in February 2017, just as some hard data has finally come in to prove the program’s merits. The recidivism rate in the state is more than 50 percent. But a recent preliminary study by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation showed that, for inmates who completed the Prison Project, that number dropped to 10.6 percent. Critics will point to a sample size that’s too small to draw broad conclusions, and it’s a valid concern. But the provisional findings are encouraging, to say the least.

Our beer pong balls are filled with… a lot of bacteria!

That old myth that the alcohol in the beer “cleans” the ball? It’s probably bogus. “Beer is something like 5 percent alcohol. That’s not going to kill much. In the lab we use 70 percent alcohol to sterilize surfaces,” Gerber says, though he adds that some studies have found that beer has unpredictable antiseptic properties likely tied to hops, which make the beer more flavorful and chemically stable.

Most burglars usually start things off… by knocking!

#7. Did you typically knock on the front door before breaking into a home?
Yes. All of the inmates who responded said they would knock on the front door before breaking in.

Brazilian spies are using Tinder… to infiltrate protests!

Botelho’s Tinder profile sported fake quotes from Karl Marx and a desire to meet “leftist” women. Through one of the women he met, Botelho was able to identify 21 protesters who were subsequently arrested on his say-so and held without a hearing or access to attorneys. Finally, a judge discovered what was going on and ordered their release, condemning their arrests.

Shia LaBoeuf… freestyle raps now!

May God save us all.