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Investing Isn’t Rocket Science. This Stock Screener Proves It

Tykr takes all the guesswork out of the market with easy-to-understand ratings and advice

Some folks seem like they were born to invest. But for the rest of us, the stock market can seem like a seedy casino full of shady temptations, even in the best of times. But here’s the worst-kept secret in the investing world: The biggest players in the market don’t just “trust their gut” when making trades, nor do they need to.

Fancy new financial tech algorithms can now predict shifts in the market with surprising accuracy, and you don’t need to be some Wall Street hustler to use them. Tykr is one service that uses this kind of A.I. to make investing easy, and it’s tailor-made for stock market newbies.

So why should budding investors make this the year to jump in and start a portfolio? Many experts agree that turbulent times are exactly when you might want to buy your first shares, and Tykr makes that process a lot less risky. Members can access a host of features on Tykr’s website, but the big one is their database of stocks, all continuously updated and assessed. It keeps tabs on over 30,000 stocks both in the U.S. and abroad and scores them from 1 to 20 based on relative assets, growth potential and other key factors.

When shifts in the market occur, you can keep tabs on your favorite stocks and watch them go from Overpriced to On Sale (which means it’s a good time to buy in). Doesn’t get much easier than that! All these calculations are open-source, so you can be sure no external forces are tipping the scales. Members also get access to regular company spotlights and advice on investing in general.

Want to use the magic of AI to start investing the right way? You can get access to a lifetime membership in Tykr’s Pro Plan for $119 (regularly $900).