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I’m a Libra Whose Life Is a Mess. When Will Things Balance Back Out?

And: the pleas of a Taurus sun rising

I’ve been told so many times that most straight men don’t (or won’t) believe in astrology. And yet, the more I yap about it to the guys around me, the more interested they seem to become. So this column is dedicated to those dudes: The suspicious and the curious, the skeptical and the inquisitive. I’ll be here every week, tackling the stuff your basic-ass horoscopes will never get into. Because you know what? You might think astrology is esoteric snake oil, but everyone around you still judges you based on your star sign.

Knowing little about your chart, I can’t get too specific with my feedback. There are, however, a few things worth noting. Right now, Saturn (the guy who swoops in and tells you to “DO IT AGAIN” if you’ve taken any shortcuts) is in his home sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is another cardinal sign (like Libra), and it’s associated with those who have authority over our public standing and reputation. Basically, it’s the father figure who’s always pushing you to put in the extra effort it takes to get to the top. The issue is that Libra and Capricorn don’t have much in common aside from being can-do people. So this is probably the thing causing tension in your home and work life.

Pluto is also in Capricorn right now. Pluto represents our deepest subconscious urges and desires, the growth we experience from going through some shit and issues surrounding control. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, and Mars is the traditional ruler. Scorpio is a sign most associated with it’s tremendous will power, inner strength and secrecy. Libra, being ruled by Venus (our beauty, our values and our relationships), is very uncomfortable with both Mars (the warrior, who’s interested in actions not words) and Pluto (destruction). To add insult to injury, since Pluto is also in Capricorn, this will be a rough time for you as well, Mr. Libra.

The bigger problem, though, might be that Saturn and Pluto are slow-moving planets. They’re not like a moon transit, which changes roughly every two and a half days. Nope, Saturn spends around three years in a sign, and Pluto, 14. (Translation: Nothing is probably gonna change any time soon.)

That’s why my best advice would be to spend some time being introspective. Because if you’re trying to force something to change, Saturn is there to slow you down; if you’re trying to resist change, Pluto is there to change it for you and make you face the hard truths about yourself. Nor can you give into your Libra-ness — you know, basically having someone else solve your problem for you (even if that someone else are Saturn and Pluto). Instead, you need to sit with your thoughts and consider how you’re contributing to the mess you’re saying your life is.

A true Venus child! After messaging back-and-forth with you a bit, what I found most interesting about this is that your Venus is in Gemini. Venus rules Taurus, and with your Venus in Gemini, there are some contradictions happening here in how you express your energy. Taurus is pretty much the most inflexible sign in the zodiac. And as with the question above, Gemini is the polar opposite of that energy. It’s ruled by Mercury and concerned with accumulating a multitude of ideas from others and their environment. So what we have here is the stubbornness of a Taurus mixed with the opinionated, scatter-brained nature of a Gemini.

So, for example, say you’re at a dinner with friends. Someone you’ve never met enters your friend circle and tries to join the conversation. This person says something you disagree with, and you jump down their throat with your opinion (since as a Taurus, you’re about sticking to what you KNOW). You don’t necessarily feel attached to the knowledge you have on the subject, but you certainly aren’t one who backs down from a verbal altercation, even though you’re ruled by Venus (the planet of relating).

The missing piece in all of this, however, is the sign your Mercury is in. That’s because Mercury is feeding information to your Venus, and your Venus is translating that energy in a “Tauran” way. This is what we call a dispositor. It describes the chain reaction from one planet’s ruler to the next.  

Considering Mercury never moves far from the sun in any chart, your Mercury is either Aries (which will give you an even more argumentative and fiery nature), Taurus (which will just make your communication more stubborn) or Gemini (which would be best, because it would make things a bit more light-hearted).

Better put, look at where your Mercury is, and that should h e l p.

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