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Get Two Stunning 4K Dual Camera Drones for Less Than $90 Each

Team up in the sky with this pair of Ninja Dragon drones on sale for more than half off

We could go deep about all the joys of owning and piloting a drone of your very own. The fun factor alone is pretty off-the-charts for anyone who’s ever grabbed a controller before and headed skyward. But there’s only one thing cooler than catching an awesome drone at a heavily discounted price: buying two of them!

With this Ninja Dragon Alpha Z Pro and Flying Fox Drone Bundle, you can pick up a pair of crafts to expand your drone fleet, have one for work and one for pleasure, or give one to the kids while you keep the other.

The Alpha Z Pro is a perfect drone to get new pilots acclimated to the sky with a six-axis gyroscope and a headless design for quicker orientation in the air. This formidable aircraft is built for durability and features a four-channel control system to raise, lower, advance or retreat the drone with precision or even start doing controlled flips.

With its intuitive controls and flight stabilization, it’s also got some extras like an altitude hold mode to freeze its position in the air. And with the accompanying app, intelligent flight control allows users to draw the route they want the drone to fly on their smart device, then watch the craft execute that exact flight pattern. A one-key automatic return feature brings the drone back to its original starting position with a single button press.

And for those who love aerial imagery, the Alpha Z Pro is a winner, sporting a 4K wide-angle front-mounted camera with a 90-degree adjustment angle. There’s also a second bottom-positioned 720p resolution cam for a second angle of what’s happening below. With its arms folded, the Alpha Z Pro is about the size and weight of a smartphone, making it easy to transport virtually anywhere.

Meanwhile, the Flying Fox is a perfect complement to the Alpha Z Pro, offering the same brilliant flight features and advanced 4K video and still image capture abilities as its counterpart. But it comes in a sleek silver frame instead of the Alpha Z Pro’s basic black. Either way, shoppers get a pair of sneaky versatile aircraft for their business and leisure needs.

Separately, each aircraft is a $199 value. But with this offer, you can pick up the Alpha Z Pro Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone and Flying Fox Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone Bundle for over half off, just $174.99 for both drones.