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Find Your Next Moment of Zen

Today’s your day. And so, in the waning hours of summer, treat yourself to a little ‘me’ time, and some of the self-help practices we’ve tried out for you. Over the last few months, we’ve asked MEL writers to float, freeze, starve and chow down on Soylent all in the name of bettering themselves. Spoiler: Soylent is poison; Marie Kondo is chill.

Find your next moment of zen below.

The Road to Ultimate Happiness Is Paved in Garbage

Can Marie Kondo turn a SoCal slob into a California minimalist?

Floating Towards Nirvana

What does sensory deprivation actually feel like?

Man Cannot Live Off Soylent Alone

‘This is how a wolf must feel. Always hungry, always intensely aware.’

Finding My Muse

Can a brain-sensing headband transform me from angsty to chill? I used Muse for a week to find out

420-Friendly Fitness

Can working out high transform my body and mind? I got stoned and tried five different workout classes to find out.

Alternate States in Dream Reality Cinema

Can a 40-minute movie teach me to control my dreams, my mind and my destiny?

A Stimulating White Powder That’s Not Completely Illegal

Will the ‘smart drug’ aniracetam help me slay the work week?

Can A Sleep Tracker Actually Improve Your Sleep?

We attempt to see how well rested Beddit will leave you

The Deep Freeze of Cryotherapy

Will freezing your body for three minutes heal your pain?

The Urban Sweat Lodge

Or, what is a toxin and can I really just sweat it away?

Intermittent Fasting

Can avoiding food for long stretches liberate me from the culture of office snacking?

The Sound of Solace

Striving for enlightenment, via a sound bath

Becoming Buddha in Ten Days

What happens when you don’t talk and just meditate for 10 whole days? Inside a Vipassana silent meditation retreat