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Dude-strology: How Do I Plan a Vacation for My Leo Girlfriend?

Our seventh humble attempt at making men care about astrology

Welcome to the latest episode of Dude-strology. In this episode, I offer astrological wisdom for the following questions — and signs:

  1. For a Virgo: How do I plan a vacation for my extremely picky Leo girlfriend?
  2. For an Aries: I keep getting passed up by my earth sign colleagues for promotions at work, does your Zodiac sign determine how successful you’ll be?
  3. For an Aquarius: I’m going on a road trip with a bunch of different signs—how likely is it that something will go wrong?

More importantly, write to me. Because men, I’m more than happy to tell you what your sign means w/r/t whatever is happening in your bedroom, with your friends and family or your job/office. Hmu at