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James McMahon

James McMahon is a freelance journalist from the north of England. He predominantly writes about crime, mystery, videogames and rock 'n' roll for the likes of Vice, The Observer and The Independent.


The Female Luchador Who Was Also Mexico’s Notorious ‘Old Lady Killer’

Over the course of about three years in the mid-aughts, Juana Dayanara Barraza Samperio brutally strangled and bludgeoned nearly 50 elderly women, making her one of the world’s most deadly female serial killers

What Is Michael Turney Hiding?

His step-daughter Alissa disappeared nearly 20 years ago. New evidence suggests the now-infamous case is even darker than it looks

The 30-Year Search for the U.K.’s Most Famous Missing Son

“I’ll never stop looking for answers. How could I? How could I ever give up on my boy?”