James McMahon

James McMahon is a freelance journalist from the north of England. He predominantly writes about crime, mystery, videogames and rock 'n' roll for the likes of Vice, The Observer and The Independent.


The Female Luchador Who Was Also Mexico’s Notorious ‘Old Lady Killer’

La Dama del Silencio wasn’t a great wrestler. If anything, she could normally be found hitting the ropes at amateur events, somewhere toward the bottom…

What Is Michael Turney Hiding?

By all rights, the story of Alissa Turney’s disappearance should have begun on May 17, 2001, the final day of her junior year at Paradise…

The 30-Year Search for the U.K.’s Most Famous Missing Son

There is, of course, a desperation about 69-year-old Denise Horvath-Allan, the mother of Charles Horvath-Allan, a name synonymous with the roll call of Britain’s most…