Haley Hamilton

Haley Hamilton is a Boston-based bartender. She writes The Shakes, MEL's weekly column dedicated to drinks, booze, bar culture and sometimes other vices. She enjoys cocktails, mezcal, yoga and fucking with the patriarchy.

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Why Doesn’t Everyone Eat at the Bar?

It happens at least once a week. A couple comes in for dinner, and as the host shows them to a lovely hightop built for…

The Slightly Blurry History of How We Landed on 0.08

I have always struggled with numbers. I must have been sick the day they taught us how to tell time in elementary school because I…

An Oral History of Hpnotiq: The Iconic Club-Scene Booze Making an Unlikely Comeback

In 2001, Raphael Yakoby was a 25-year-old college dropout with zero business experience, living on Long Island. In 2002, he was $50 million richer and…