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All the One Things That Have Allegedly Ruined Your Suit

A good suit can take you from schlubby cuckboi to dapper cuckboi in a matter of minutes. The only problem is, according to men’s style and fashion writers, it’s extremely easy to fuck up. Just one tiny little infraction can ruin your entire look. Here’s a not-very-necessary list of all the insane things you’ve probably done wrong whilst wearing the most gentlemanly of attire:

  • Tie and lapels of drastically different widths
via Lifehacker
  • Cuffing pants and/or suit cuffs
  • Matching tie and pocket square
via Yahoo News
  • Not matching belt color to shoe color
via LooksGud
  • Lapels too big, in general
via Huffington Post
  • Jacket too long
via Huffington Post
  • Pocket square too flat, coming out too much
  • Pants not hemmed short enough
via GQ
  • Shirt cuffs with more or less than 1/2" visible
  • Material too shiny
  • Tie bar longer than width of tie
via The Modest Man
  • Tie bar placed too high/low
via GQ
  • Dress shirt darker than tie
  • Shoes and belt not matched appropriately to suit color
via LooksGud
  • Tie shorter/longer than belt buckle