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So first things first: Yes, we’ve slid into your inbox. But for good reason: To give you the kind of content you can expect from MEL, a men’s magazine that doesn’t pretend to have any of the answers but will look for them just about anywhere.

For instance, there was that time we hired a nude male maid to clean our office. Or the time we spoke to a guy who’s researching man caves. We’ve even looked into which parent is most responsible for the genes that determine the size of our dicks. (You’ll find that we love to talk about our dicks — very scientifically, of course; not to brag, but we’ve learned more about our dicks in the last year than we ever knew before. Take that urologists!)

To make things extra easy, you don’t even have to come to the site to see what’s happening: Every Wednesday and Saturday we’ll send you an email with the best MEL content from that week—whether it’s a story about an invite-only men’s Facebook group where everyone refers to each other as “dude”; a ‘normal’ couples’ guide to navigating their sexual problems; or an explainer on what the fuck is in Nacho Cheese Doritos anyway.

If that’s not enough to give a sense of what we’re all about, we’ve gone one step further—collecting 10 of our more popular pieces for your reading pleasure.


— Josh Schollmeyer, Editor in Chief

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