How to Survive Airplane Travel

Flying can wreak havoc on your health, but it doesn’t have to if you follow our guide

This summer, it’s expected that a record-setting 234 million passengers will take to the skies on American airlines in pursuit of work, family time or an aggressive schedule of weddings and music festivals. Unfortunately, many of these fliers will come home with a souvenir they never asked for—anything from deep vein thrombosis to a nasty cold to dry skin to bloating—thanks to the deeply unhealthy conditions encountered at 35,000 feet. Luckily for you, MEL has figured out the easiest ways to survive air travel (and illustrated them in gif form).

How to Survive Airplane Travel

It's not in your head: Here's why you feel like shit after flying.

Posted by MEL Magazine on Wednesday, August 9, 2017