Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Have Aphasia, But I Do

Hillary Clinton’s most recent stumble is stoking even more conspiracy theories about her health. One theory, offered by Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson, is that Clinton suffers from aphasia, a condition characterized by a partial or complete loss of language. There is, of course, no evidence whatsoever that Pierson’s claim is true. But it has turned aphasia into a campaign buzzword—and understandably pissed off the National Aphasia Association. Per its website, “A diagnosis of aphasia by a campaign spokesperson in a political campaign is inappropriate and offensive to the approximately 2 million Americans and their families who struggle with communication following a stroke or other brain trauma.”

To better understand what life is like for those 2 million, we talked to 30-year-old David Dow, who developed the condition after a severe stroke at the age of 10. Read about his experience here.

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