Fed up with the American political system? Be like this guy and start your own country

It’s one thing to cast a protest vote for a third-party candidate in November. But if you’re truly tired of the American political system, you could try following in Vít Jedlička’s footsteps and start your own Libertarian utopia. Jedlička has founded Liberland, a small patch of land along the Danube River between Croatia and Serbia, on the basis of the internationally recognized law of terra nullius (“nobody’s land”). Essentially, it allows anyone at all to make unclaimed land—which Liberland has been ever since Yugoslavia was dissolved—their own. A couple months ago, MEL Films traveled to Liberland for its first anniversary event—a party that Jedlička couldn’t attend because Croatia isn’t as cool with terra nullius as he is.

Watch our film, Freedom for Liberland!, here.

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