Every Cover of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Worth Posting

Some Friday Bullshit to kick-off your weekend

As you may have heard, there’s a total solar eclipse happening on Monday morning/afternoon, depending on where you reside in the country. But when talking about total solar eclipses, there’s really only one worth mentioning—Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 astronomical anthem, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” which goes a little something like this:

She is, however, far from the only one to invite those with bright eyes to turn around (unless you’d like her to fall apart). In fact, it’s one of the more widely covered songs of the last 35 years. To save you, though, from having to navigate YouTube all by your lonesome, we’ve pulled our favorites and posted them below.


Dan Band (‘Old School’)

Tori Amos

Hurra Torpedo

Literal Video Version

Josh Groban and Ellen



Ronald Reagan (Sax Cover)

Hot Breakfast! (Coffee House Remix)

Rock ’N’ Roll Baby Music (Lullaby Remix)

Joey Muha (Drum Cover)

Monica & Julian (Spanish-Language Version)

‘The Voice Philippines’

Jean-Frederic (Flowchart Version)

Brandy (Techno Remix Version)

Young One Direction on ‘The X Factor’