Cheaper Circumcision: The Doctor Who’s Cutting More Than Just Prices

You’re paying too much for that circumcision. At least according to Dr. Jerome Pittman, founder of the Gentle Circumcision clinic in Culver City, CA. While the procedure costs anywhere from $800 to $3,000 at a hospital, Pittman offers the best deal in town (and the country)—charging from $175 for newborns to $1,600 for adults. And at those prices, business is booming—despite the fact that “intactivists” are a constant drain on his revenues and spirit. “People found out that I was doing [circumcisions] exclusively, and it just snowballed from there,” Pittman explains. “The next thing you know, we were in the circumcision business.”

Read about how Pittman is able to charge a quarter of the price for that time-honored snip here.

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