Ballbusting, the awkward side of polyamory and Trump’s hackers

Writer Andre Shakti has long preferred polyamorous relationships: “There’s multiple someones to take care of me when I’m sick; the weed and vibrators are plentiful at each residence, and the potential sexual scenarios are seemingly limitless.” But when two of her boyfriends decided to marry each other, Shakti assumes the unorthodox role of helping them plan a wedding in which she isn’t the bride. It may seem a bit complicated, but happily ever after is hardly ever simple.

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Jay Wimp, 26, talked to us about how much he loves getting punched in the balls.

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Kenneth Tam is an artist who (among other things) makes videos of men — men that he finds on the internet and then pays to do awkward, intimate, absurd things on camera.

We asked him how he does it, what he was going for, and how he ended up becoming an expert on representing male awkwardness.

At one point you get the group to try dancing together in a circle while wearing jingle bell belts — what inspired that?
I was actually looking at Hasidic weddings, which are these super-intense male-only ritualistic activities involving dance and also like, intense earnest joyousness. I haven’t seen one live, but if you watch enough videos you’re like, wow, there’s this incredible homosocial affection being generated.

How about gluing Cheerios to each others’ bodies?
I did it with my father first [for his 2015 video sump, in which Tam recorded himself and his father acting out rituals like blowing up balloons in the bathtub together or finger-painting each other’s torso]. It was just about the final image in that video, but through doing it I realized like wow, what an intimate activity — let me get someone else to do it on camera.

What makes that kind of straightforward sincerity so difficult for men?

These guys just don’t have the language for it. I think that’s very affecting — you see the other guy who’s listening very awkwardly and unsure how to respond, because he’s never been complimented on his body before.

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There’s a primeval forest in Nara, Japan, that’s believed to be sacred. So, too, are the animals who roam it. Case in point: the 1,200 or so deer who have full run of the joint and are considered to be messengers of the gods.

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After an endorsement from Killer Mike, the #BankBlack movement is gaining ground. We checked in on the efforts by OneUnited, the country’s largest black-owned bank, to woo customers looking for new avenues to protest recent police killings.

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The Donald’s invitation to Russian hackers is turning our political system into the plotline of an Austin Powers movie.

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How many weeks of notice isn’t the only thing to think about when it’s time to leave your job. We asked our HR-consultant-slash-columnist how to quit right.

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This week, Pornhub rewarded two hackers $20,000 for revealing the site’s vulnerabilities. What’s it like to do that job, exactly? Last month, the second-highest earner in Pornhub’s Bug Bounty Program, filled us in.

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Steph Curry is the best shooter to ever play basketball. But at 6’3’’ he’s hardly considered the ideal height for a superstar. That’s why if you’re a 14-year-old short kid with dreams of making it as a baller, his game is all the inspiration you’ll ever need.

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